Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Sales!

It's Cyber Monday!  Well one week ahead of time.

The Holidays are quickly approaching and we are getting ready to deck the halls!!  
It's that time of the year again for bargains, and digi fun for a full year!!

Here are some GREAT deals!

First we have our SBS 2015 bundle!  This bundle ensures you are automatically sent out EVERYTHING, no restrictions, that releases in 2015!!  Every full line, every solo, every fan page image, every steampunk EVERYTHING!! Even commissions unless the person commissioning me does not allow me to sell it and has paid for a private license commission for personal use and not sold to the public. 

During a normal month a full month's digis will run about $80-$96!
Check out the savings and grab yours here: SBS 2015

Next, if you would like to grab something a little smaller, but still a great bargain how about our fan page challenge images for 2015?!!  Every month there are SIX fan page challenge images! 
 That's 72 images for a total of $288 on sale today and only until sold out for $75!!
Grab yours today here: Fan Page Challenges images 2015
Sale price good until sold out! 

Next have our Solos, and Tuesday solos! 
Each month there will be between 2-3 Tuesday solos that's $96 for the year if there are two solos, or $144 for the year if there are three solos.  Sometimes there are MUCH more!  
Grab your full year of 2015 solos for $35 here: Solos and Tuesday Solos 2015 
Sale price good until sold out! 

Next grab a bag of digis for 2105!  Any 50 Images during 2015, you pick any 50 you wish from any release at any time and it can be spread out of course throughout 2015 for only $40!!
Very limited supplies on this one!  Grab yours and sit back and watch the releases each month.  You can pick one from January, maybe two, one from February, maybe three!!  Any way you want to pick and choose your 50 images during the year is allowed from any lines and from any image released.  
Grab yours here: 50 images in 2015 for $40
Sale price good until sold out! 

Last but not least...don't forget to grab your Little Rio Elf Trio bundle before it's gone!  This will be an exclusive set for 2014.  The next time they will be available will be only as a win!  They will be sold until they are sold out. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A little help from our Elf

My little Elf Rio has made me the happiest mom on the planet!  She's always so helpful!  She got her very first job this Summer, and while most kids would just blow their paychecks and think of themselves, Rio has been contributing to our family.  Giving all she can where needed.  

Today I am releasing this very special little line that my own daughter along with Corinne, one of a few friends I can really say are more like sisters and family to me commissioned me to start this cute little line to give our family some very needed help!  

Everyone is healthy, Christian is healthy, and I am healthy.  With the economy being what it is and lack of work for my husband for a few months now, we are forced to relocate to a new home.  This little line was my daughter and Corinne's idea to raise funds needed to get through this very difficult time.  Many of you were so wonderful and helpful close to four years ago now when my son was ill, and I want  you all to know he is not ill.  He is healthy and kicking' butt!  Thank you again all for the continued support and help, it's very appreciated.

You can find these cuties in the new Just Rio section under Limited Digis here: 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Winners!! Winners!!

Happy Birthday to wait to me, Happy Birthday to me!  Whoop today I turn 40 WOW I just read that out loud!  It's AWESOME so far! 

It's time to announce some winners!

First our Princess of Halloween...ooohhhh I bet you've all been waiting on this one and boy was it difficult to chose a winner.  Every single contestant was amazing!  
Our Princess of Halloween....drum roll please....the winner is.....again very very hard I wish I could choose all of you....ok, ok, ok.....

Elisabete!  Congratulations Elisabete!!  You are the Princess of Halloween 2014!!

It was such a difficult choice to make, we went over and over everyone's entries LOVING each and everyone and one was amazing!

Elisabete you have won 6 months of SBS!  Your winnings start January 2015!

For the rest of our contestants, I can't just let you leave without a parting gift right? You were all so amazing and I appreciate all your efforts that I must gift you all each a month worth of SBS! I will send you all everything that releases in January!

Now wait there is much more!!  

During two of our days of Halloween we were looking for two DT members based on their work and entries.  Remember we asked you enter as much as possible during the 13 days as we would be looking for two new members!  Those two members were.....

Maureen Scott and Christine Gardner!  
Congratulations ladies, please contact me if you are interested in becoming 
DT members for six months of 2015.

Hang on I am not done with the contestants!  You were all so amazing I can't let go of you all just yet.  If you accept my offer I would like to offer the following positions to the six of you:

Vicky Fortier and Erin Stephenson Tuesday Soloists, this means that for all of 2015 you are our go to gals for Tuesday solo releases.  There will be two per month, with a challenge.  Your job should you accept it, is to help promote the Tuesday solos challenges and be the DT crew for the Tuesday solos. 

Lucy Greg and Holley Hughes Fan Page Challenge DT member, this means you would be a part of each month's Fan Page Challenge.   You would receive three of the fan page challenge images free each month to work with and be a part of the challenge release. This would be for all of 2015. 

Elisabete Oliveira Balcavage and Jackie Maunder promotional DT members for 2015. Your job should you accept is to create four projects a month, enter them into challenges and blast them on Facebook. You will receive four images to work with and you can pick which challenges you want to enter with the images and post on to the fan page and your Facebook pages.

AND there you have it ladies, I hope you are as excited as I am about all these new positions!

Fan Page Very Merry Winner:
Ina Lengfeld! 

Yay congratulations!  Ina you made a suggestion on a drawing, your win was to have that turned into a digi, you will get the digi for free and be the showcase person for it when we release it and create a challenge on the fan page for it!  Please contact me to go over details!

Thank you all for stopping by, I hope you have a great day, I know I will eating cake and Ice Cream all day long!!  It's my party and I' cake and Ice cream if I want to....come on everyone sing with me!  

Friday, November 7, 2014

Pre-Black Friday Sales!

WOW can you all believe we are already uttering those words?  Black Friday!?  Of course Black Friday is still 3 weeks away, we need a Black Friday for us mommies, us crafters!!  Usually, Black Friday is for those we love.  We go out do our shopping, Holidays planning and everything that goes in to the making of a wonderful Holiday for our loved ones!  Forgetting all about us!  WHAT?  That's just not right!  SO let's get it started for the Mommies!  The Crafters!  The sisters, aunts, nieces, daughters and all the peeps that take Black Friday for their loved's Pre-Black Friday for ME time!!  WHOOP!!

Let's grab us some digis...

5 digis for $10
use code : 5for10

10 digis for $15
use code : 10for15

Codes good until Saturday at 9:59 PM PST

Next up some bundles!!  

Tuesday solos...that's all Tuesday solos: 

Upcoming Tuesday Solos: 

Sharpie 91
Thanksgiving Betty
Saloon Betty
Saloon Corinne
Saloon Debbie
Pirate Wench 
Vacation Time Betty
Little Elf Rio 
Voodoo Betty
Snow Angel Betty
Fur Coat Betty
Fur Coat Corinne
New Year Betty
Dance with a Skeleton Betty
All non inked images listed will be automatically sent out to you via email.  They will always remain in your account for downloading purposes should you ever have a computer crash or if you happen to miss the download link time frame. 

That's 51 images for $48 that's about .94 cents a piece!!!
Grab yours here:  51Digis48 only a limited amount available!!

Next up our fan page Challenge images!

AND our next upcoming Fan Page Challenge images set to release Nov. 20th!  


That's 29 images for $36!!  That's about 1.25 an image, maybe a little less but it's still a deal!!

Grab your Fan Page Images bundle here: 29Digis36 only a limited amount of these
 available as well, grab yours before they're gone!

Now the MEGA deal!!  How would you like to have a FULL Year of SBS?  Not having to worry if you missed a release or not? At a special deal?

 Grab a full year of SBS starting 2015 here: SBS2015

Now a couple new releases! 

First Commissions F!

On sale for $8 for the bundle (sale price good through Nov. 10th at 9PM PST)!  
Grab yours here: Commissions F

Summer Babes...yep in the Fall!  Nothing like warm Summery thoughts to warm you during the cold seasons!  Think of all those Hawaiians that celebrate in their swim wear!  Make them Christmasy!  

Summer Babes each come with their own little word art!

On sale for $8 for the bundle (sale price good through Nov. 10th at 9PM PST)! 
 Grab yours here: Summer Babes

Finally, my Birthday image!! OMGosh Monday Nov. 10th, I am turning 40!!
I'm excited!! WHOOHOOO

I have created this cute milestone image to celebrate not only my own 40th, but many others celebrating their 40th!!  Here's to the new 20...but on our 40th!  LOL

40th Birthday Betty 
Here's my Birthday wish...I want to sell 100 of these, of course more is better, but my goal is 100...I want a very special bday gift and I must sell that many to buy ready?....ready...drum roll...JOHNY DEPP!! SO won't you grab this cutie and help me meet my goal?

You get two versions and a sentiment!  One with the 40 on it and the other without it!  This way she's suitable for any birthday or celebration!

Well, that's all folks!  We will be having freebies, challenges, and loads of fun stuff over on the Facebook fan page!  Come join out group and get in on the fun!!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos!

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos...which is Happy Day of the Dead!

Unlike Halloween, Di De Los Muertos is a day of remembering our loved ones that have departed.  Many families celebrate by visiting their loved ones by spending the day at their burial site, or hosting parties in their homes.  The parties are always so cheerful and full of wonderful memories!  

In our family, we usually eat sweet breads, my mom would make delicious tacos, flautas, gorditas and tortas!  Spanish rice, guacamole and well just loads of good food for our gathering.  I experienced death for the first time ever in my life when I was 14.  I had NO idea what it was to die, when my cousin of 19 had a bad accident.  We were great friends, Josie, myself and two other cousins.  Thick as thieves.  It was a shock and I didn't understand it.  Imagine my utter shock when I attended the funeral and she was laying in a casket.  I NEVER knew that they had caskets with people in them at funerals.  I had no idea what to expect so I can't even tell you what I thought a funeral would be.  The following year, we had a great big feast to celebrate her life.  Josie was such a tomboy...probably where I got it from.  We had Arby's sandwiches that day too, she worked at Arby's. She would always have my mom drop me off there while she was working so that after work we could hit the beach!  WE LOVED going to the beach.  It was 10 minutes from our home and we'd go there almost every day!  Because she was older I looked up to her and she took care of me.  We were big fans of Menudo...not the mexican food but a Puerto Rican boy band! She was great.  

So Dia De Los Muertos is important to many of us.  It is crazy to think that such cool designs are displayed for the dead right?  Actually, I think it's pretty cool to find such a bright and happy way to remember them all!  

Here is to our dear sweet friend Nick Beach whom left us July 24th, 2014

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you Nick, every day I step in to my kitchen I see you.  I remember you boyish smile, those tender eyes, and I can hear you complaining about how I am making my food..."No BETTY!  Not like that woman!" To which I usually argue and hush you up!  You are so missed and we will always hold  you in our hearts!

To Kyle Dale, one of the best of friends I could have ever been blessed to have in my life.  Kyle passed August 4th, 2014.  Kyle, I am the creative, confident, biggest dork and don't care kind of person I am today because of you!  You are always in my thoughts, I still laugh over the whole Mohawk on Fire incident!  I still sing the Black Socks song when I think of you!  I love you and miss you!

Thank you all for joining us today!  We have a fun Blog hop, challenge and some prizes along the way!  Let's get the party started!

First let's get a challenge going!!

Using this gorgeous NEW image...Lenore Forevermore we challenge you to turn her into a Day of the Dead image as well as make the colors bold and bright!  Very cheery! Add some facial accents, rhinestones anything you can think of to turn her into a Day of the Dead image!  Just like I did here...

Normal Lenore Forevermore

Lenore turned into a Day of the Dead cutie!

Now our SECOND Challenge using our Second New image Dia de Los Muertos are challenged to do natural hair colors with a few funky and bright streaks!  Just like this...

Pretty fun right?  Here's even more fun about this get THREE versions with above with her facial accents for Day of the Dead, this version with the same accents but empty eye sockets

Finally, this version without facial accents for a more everyday type of image.

Not bad eh?

You can grab both these images here: A Betty A Month to enter our fun little challenges!

Should you take the challenge and win, your prize is a $20 Gift Certificate to Simply B Stamps! So watch waiting for?  Go grab these two cuties and enter our challenges!!  Only one winner will be chosen from any of the three challenges we have going for today's event....YEP I said THREE!

Here's the third one...using this Cutie: Sugar Skull Betty

ANYTHING GOES!  What ever pops in to your creative head using Sugar Skull Betty!

You have until November 15th to upload your projects.  Enter them all more chances to win!  YAY!!

Please remember that each challenge requires you use the specified image.  All entries must be actual projects and not digital projects.  All entries must meet the challenge guidelines.  There must be at least 6 entries for a prize to be distributed.  Winner will be announced Nov. 20th.

Ok now for some blog hop fun!

Check out all the fun our DT gals and special Guests from Love to Create Challenges 
have created to inspire you!!

Betty (that's me and you are already here, thank you for joining me)









Lisa N.


Lisa H.




Katya Bess

Friday, October 31, 2014


 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  It's here!  It's here!  The big 13th day!  We have LOADS going on today!  Not only is it our last day of the 13 days but it's HALLOWEEN!!  YAYAYYAY!!  You all know how much I LOVE Halloween!  I will be out Trick or Treating all evening long with my boys, sadly my little lady has to work, BUT she's in costume and happy as a bug!  She's had a great week at work, has gotten to dress up all week long!  Check out her costumes...

Day 1 Day of the Dead

Day 2 Little Clown girl

Day 3 Girl version Edward Scissorhands

Day 4 my favorite! Porcelain Doll!  Aren't those fun!
She is such a sport for letting me create the face painting on her.

Ok, ok, ok let's get on with the show as there is loads to cover!!

Let's start with a NEW release!!

As many of you have been keeping track of the 13 days of Halloween, we have had 6 amazing contestants join the DT on challenge days.  These ladies are in the competition for the Princess of Halloween 2104..I'm the queen so I couldn't give them MY title! A winner will be chosen and announced Nov. 10th

These ladies have been included in on each challenge not as DT members, but as contestants!  They are competing for 6 months of SBS FREE!!! OMGOSH what a prize right?

BUT WAIT THRE'S MORE!  I drew up each of our wonderful contestants for this special little last Halloween release!  Let's see what each one chose...

Vampiress Vicky, Vicky Fortier asked me to do her up as a Vampire!

Next we have Spider Witch Elisabete!  Elisabete sent me a few pics from some costumes that she thought would be fun to draw I combined them and VIOLA!  Spider Witch Elisabete was draw up!

Vampire Bat Erin...Erin wanted a Vampire, but Vicky had beat her to the punch.  I asked her if she would mind me making her into more of a Batty Vampire to have variety in the mix...she was so sweet to agree.

Holly Hard Hat Zombie!  Holly allowed me to take a tradition that her and her kids share during Halloween and ZOMBIFY it!

Next Star Queen Jackie!  She wanted something Oz like and so a Star Queen was most appropriate!

Last but certainly not least, Wizardly Lucy!  Lucy wanted a witch, but a different kind of witch, I am sure you can guess where you'd find this Wizardly witch!

Now don't tell me those aren't great fun!  You can probably use those for quite a few different cards or projects as they are Halloween, but not too Halloween!

Grab you Halloween gals here: Halloween Contestants Images

Before we get to the last challenge for the 13 days I want to invite you all to party with us and
 Kit N Clowder all weekend long for the Halloweekend!
We are going to be having Tricks and Treats all weekend long on our fan pages on Facebook!!
Alyce of Kit N Clowder is having a WONDERFUL new class release, it will bring out
the ROAR in you!

Come joint us for loads of fun!!
Join Kit N Clowder group HERE
Joing SBS group HERE

Great prizes, lots of tricks, and fun!

Ok now it's time for our last big Halloween hoorah!  Our last challenge is...
 Altered project anything but a journal or a card. Must be an actual altered item.
Pretty simple right?  What's the prize?  Well, let me tell you...your prize should you win is any 20 digi images from SBS WINNER'S CHOICE!  You don't want to miss that do you?
We must have at least 6 entries for the prize to be won.  Winner will be announced on Nov. 10th.
This time you have extra time to get your projects in!  Linky will close Nov. 5th at 11:59 PM PST

You know you want to enter so grab your images, your coloring tools, and something to alter and get crafting!  Let's see what the DT and the contestants have come up with to inspire you!

The DT is using a mixture of all SBS Halloween images for this one!!


Lisa H









Before we forget...we have been lurking about the blogs...we've been looking at the people that have been entering the challenges for one DT member.  That person will also be announced on Nov. 10th!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Howling at the Moon!

 OMGOSH Halloween is just two days away and I am still sewing my costume!  Boy o Boy have I been behind this year!  YIKES!  Well at least we've been doing our regular 13 days on time, but only cause Corinne is always on me!  HAHHAHA...OK OK let's get on with it!

Are you Howling at the moon yet?!

Today's challenge:
Make it hairy, use fuzz, feathers, anything fuzzy on your projects!  
Today's prize should you take the plunge and join in...
$15 Gift Certificate to SBS!  As usual, and I am sorry if we missed posting, there must be 6 entries for a prize to be given out.

Now let's take a peek at the DT and contestants entries!!

The DT is using  SBS wolf images.

using Jacob the Warewolf

Using Wolfman Chris

 Lisa N. Using Wolfie-Ariel