Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas is coming!!!

It's less than a week away now!  OMgosh so much to do, so little time!!

Baking, cooking, wrapping...and all the fun that comes with this Joyous Holiday!

I have had many, many requests from husbands, daughters, sons, friends and family members for a few more of these AMAZING packages:

What is in this package exactly?  Well....EVERYTHING!  That means EVERY DIGI released in 2015 will be automatically sent to your inbox and in your account on the SBS website for you!  You don't have to worry about missing any sales, any releases, or any commissions!  Everything released and put up for sale is yours for one heck of a deal!!  Just $225....sometimes a month's worth of releases has added up to that alone!! 

Grab yours today limited qty at the sale price!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Have yourself...a Sexy little Christmas....

Happy Friday!  Can you all believe it's officially 20 days till Christmas!!  OH MY GOSH!! So much to do!  So let's get started on those Christmas cards for our significant other, or our crush, or that special male in our family!  Today it's all about the Sexy Boudoir gals!!

This cute little release is sure to bring a smile to your guy!

Let's see what our Boudoir DT Team has come up with to inspire you all!

You can find these cuties here:

Christmas Boudoirs Digis
Christmas Boudoirs Rubber 
Only 25 rubber stamps for this line made!! Grab your Boudoir Rubber stamps before they are gone!!

Don't forget to join us over in the SBS Fan Page on Facebook we'll be kicking off some fun using these cuties this evening!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov. Fan Page Challenge

Happy Winter everyone!  Well almost, we are still in fall, but it's so chilly it may as well be Winter!  Are you ready for a new SBS Fan Page Challenge?  Of course you are! 

Before we begin that let's see who won the Sweet Ladies Fan Page challenge that ran from October thru November!!

By popular vote the winner of all 6 NEW Winter Beauties Fan Page Challenge images is....

1. DB Craft Girls

Congratulations DB Craft Girls please contact Betty to claim your prize!

Next up winner of the
January spot of Digi you for the Fan page challenge!  This means you will get yourself made up into a digi in the January theme, and get Betty's and Corinne's images FREE!  You will be our featured guest for January and be part of the release party/challenge date!  You know you want to be digitized and Bettyfied is....

Kreations by Kim Kutie!!

Congratulations Kim please contact Betty for further details!

Ok now let's get on to the new challenge!

Winter Beauties

Aren't those just so "CHILL" or would you prefer we say "COOL"?

NOW here's a COOL deal.  Purchase your Winter Beauties Bundle (does not apply to singles) today thru Monday while on sale for $16 and get this cutie Free on Friday Dec. 5th (offer does not apply to club members that are enrolled in the Fan Page Challenge images during 2014 or 2105)

Next prize,  by popular votes the winner will receive October's Fan page challenge images free should you be voted the winner by our friends and fans with the voting system!

Cynthia Cole

Check out all the ladies blogs for details on there projects
and join in the fun Challenge.

Ok so here are the challenges!  As you all know each one will have it's own little individual challenge!

If you are using Winter Betty = color combo: Turquoise, White, and Purple.
If you are using Winter Corinne: Snowflakes
If you are using Winter Bettina: lots of sparkle on mine (both option glitter glue and just plain glitter)
If you are using Winter Jackie: 2 designer papers and ribbon
If you are using Winter Cynthia: Fake snow (like flower soft or something similar)
If you are using Winter Rio: anything but a square

So there you have it enter our challenge using any of those six images with their individual challenge rules and you could win the next Month's Fan Page Challenge images FREE!  All six to the person with the most votes!!  Winner will be chosen by votes and you our fans will be voting two days before the next challenge goes up!

OF course there is a second prize.  This involves you using all 6 images!!  
A new year of Fan Page Challenge images is already in the works!  With it we need you in digi form!  So use all 6 images and you could be our next Digi you guest!  We are starting to fill spots for the new year!  By using all 6 images you could win the February spot of Digi you for the Fan page challenge!  This means you would get yourself made up into a digi in the Ferbruary's theme, and get the Betty and Corinne images for February FREE!  You will be our featured guest for February and be part of the release party/challenge date!  You know you want to be digitized and Bettyfied!  Grab those Winter Beauties and get to work!  Winner will be determined amongst Betty and the DT.

You have until December 26th to upload your projects!!  Voting will start on December 27th and close December 29th at 11:59 PM PST

Happy coloring!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday...HUGE Blowout!!!

Happy Black Friday!

I hope you all enjoyed your family and friends time and had a marvelous Thanksgiving here in the states!!  Now it's time to get down and dirty with the shopping!  

I NEVER go out for Black Friday, BUT it's my little guys 6th birthday on Sunday and Saturday I am hosting a crop here at home and a Storm is rolling in so I HAVE to go out and fight the crowds for some Bday stuff for the little man!  Keep me in your thoughts that I don't smack someone and get in trouble! HAHHAAA

Ok well over at the shop there are HUGE savings!!

We are talking Bundles and collections starting at $6 and go up to $15 for ENTIRE bundles! 

You can find many of theme here: Limited Release Digis

Loads of digis for $1.25 in our SBS Digital Stamps collections!



Supplies on those bundles are limited run and grab yours before they are GONE...all of them are already down by half of what we had available!

Happy Shopping and wish me luck!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Sales!

It's Cyber Monday!  Well one week ahead of time.

The Holidays are quickly approaching and we are getting ready to deck the halls!!  
It's that time of the year again for bargains, and digi fun for a full year!!

Here are some GREAT deals!

First we have our SBS 2015 bundle!  This bundle ensures you are automatically sent out EVERYTHING, no restrictions, that releases in 2015!!  Every full line, every solo, every fan page image, every steampunk EVERYTHING!! Even commissions unless the person commissioning me does not allow me to sell it and has paid for a private license commission for personal use and not sold to the public. 

During a normal month a full month's digis will run about $80-$96!
Check out the savings and grab yours here: SBS 2015

Next, if you would like to grab something a little smaller, but still a great bargain how about our fan page challenge images for 2015?!!  Every month there are SIX fan page challenge images! 
 That's 72 images for a total of $288 on sale today and only until sold out for $75!!
Grab yours today here: Fan Page Challenges images 2015
Sale price good until sold out! 

Next have our Solos, and Tuesday solos! 
Each month there will be between 2-3 Tuesday solos that's $96 for the year if there are two solos, or $144 for the year if there are three solos.  Sometimes there are MUCH more!  
Grab your full year of 2015 solos for $35 here: Solos and Tuesday Solos 2015 
Sale price good until sold out! 

Next grab a bag of digis for 2105!  Any 50 Images during 2015, you pick any 50 you wish from any release at any time and it can be spread out of course throughout 2015 for only $40!!
Very limited supplies on this one!  Grab yours and sit back and watch the releases each month.  You can pick one from January, maybe two, one from February, maybe three!!  Any way you want to pick and choose your 50 images during the year is allowed from any lines and from any image released.  
Grab yours here: 50 images in 2015 for $40
Sale price good until sold out! 

Last but not least...don't forget to grab your Little Rio Elf Trio bundle before it's gone!  This will be an exclusive set for 2014.  The next time they will be available will be only as a win!  They will be sold until they are sold out. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A little help from our Elf

My little Elf Rio has made me the happiest mom on the planet!  She's always so helpful!  She got her very first job this Summer, and while most kids would just blow their paychecks and think of themselves, Rio has been contributing to our family.  Giving all she can where needed.  

Today I am releasing this very special little line that my own daughter along with Corinne, one of a few friends I can really say are more like sisters and family to me commissioned me to start this cute little line to give our family some very needed help!  

Everyone is healthy, Christian is healthy, and I am healthy.  With the economy being what it is and lack of work for my husband for a few months now, we are forced to relocate to a new home.  This little line was my daughter and Corinne's idea to raise funds needed to get through this very difficult time.  Many of you were so wonderful and helpful close to four years ago now when my son was ill, and I want  you all to know he is not ill.  He is healthy and kicking' butt!  Thank you again all for the continued support and help, it's very appreciated.

You can find these cuties in the new Just Rio section under Limited Digis here: 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Winners!! Winners!!

Happy Birthday to wait to me, Happy Birthday to me!  Whoop today I turn 40 WOW I just read that out loud!  It's AWESOME so far! 

It's time to announce some winners!

First our Princess of Halloween...ooohhhh I bet you've all been waiting on this one and boy was it difficult to chose a winner.  Every single contestant was amazing!  
Our Princess of Halloween....drum roll please....the winner is.....again very very hard I wish I could choose all of you....ok, ok, ok.....

Elisabete!  Congratulations Elisabete!!  You are the Princess of Halloween 2014!!

It was such a difficult choice to make, we went over and over everyone's entries LOVING each and everyone and one was amazing!

Elisabete you have won 6 months of SBS!  Your winnings start January 2015!

For the rest of our contestants, I can't just let you leave without a parting gift right? You were all so amazing and I appreciate all your efforts that I must gift you all each a month worth of SBS! I will send you all everything that releases in January!

Now wait there is much more!!  

During two of our days of Halloween we were looking for two DT members based on their work and entries.  Remember we asked you enter as much as possible during the 13 days as we would be looking for two new members!  Those two members were.....

Maureen Scott and Christine Gardner!  
Congratulations ladies, please contact me if you are interested in becoming 
DT members for six months of 2015.

Hang on I am not done with the contestants!  You were all so amazing I can't let go of you all just yet.  If you accept my offer I would like to offer the following positions to the six of you:

Vicky Fortier and Erin Stephenson Tuesday Soloists, this means that for all of 2015 you are our go to gals for Tuesday solo releases.  There will be two per month, with a challenge.  Your job should you accept it, is to help promote the Tuesday solos challenges and be the DT crew for the Tuesday solos. 

Lucy Greg and Holley Hughes Fan Page Challenge DT member, this means you would be a part of each month's Fan Page Challenge.   You would receive three of the fan page challenge images free each month to work with and be a part of the challenge release. This would be for all of 2015. 

Elisabete Oliveira Balcavage and Jackie Maunder promotional DT members for 2015. Your job should you accept is to create four projects a month, enter them into challenges and blast them on Facebook. You will receive four images to work with and you can pick which challenges you want to enter with the images and post on to the fan page and your Facebook pages.

AND there you have it ladies, I hope you are as excited as I am about all these new positions!

Fan Page Very Merry Winner:
Ina Lengfeld! 

Yay congratulations!  Ina you made a suggestion on a drawing, your win was to have that turned into a digi, you will get the digi for free and be the showcase person for it when we release it and create a challenge on the fan page for it!  Please contact me to go over details!

Thank you all for stopping by, I hope you have a great day, I know I will eating cake and Ice Cream all day long!!  It's my party and I' cake and Ice cream if I want to....come on everyone sing with me!