Sunday, September 21, 2014

Coloring Guide Booklet

Happy Sunday and Happy Fall...well in just a few more days!  With the Summer winding down and cooler weather approaching, it's time to get back in our cozy craft rooms and start crafting again.  I know every Summer it seems that so many of us are so busy we hardly touch our crafty goodies.  Kids out of school means more of our attention on them, hubbies out of work, vacations and lots of out door fun!  Fall is my favorite time of the year!  Not just because of the cooler weather, but because it's back to me time with the kids and hubby back to normal routines!

So!  I've got a GREAT booklet for you!  Last Year I started a year long program...12 months of coloring lessons with Copics...I covered skin, hair, eyes, make up, pleats, folds, transparent, and much more!  I have not completed all 12 months and have had many requests to produce this class in paper form rather than downloads!  SO here we go!

Coloring Guide Booklet!  This 84 page booklet will be printed and mailed out to you ready for you to start practicing and coloring!  You will be able to bind it using your favorite binding machine or just keep each page in a page protector and in a binder!

42 pages of Step by step coloring with colors I used listed!
42 practice pages printed on X-press it paper for the best blending possible!
23 Images with sentiments to not only practice with, but to make actual cards and projects with!
Access to video tutorials!

That's one heck of a booklet!  All this is for an introductory price of $55!!

Here's a sample of a step by step page and a practice page!

Here's what is covered in the entire booklet...

Skin, make up and hair; Hispanic tones, ethnic tones, and caucasian tones as well as ethnic hair, curly hair, and straight hair

"White" or "Icy" coloring 

Working with Red!  

Basic pleats and folds!

Monochromatic black and white, and sepia coloring.

Coloring transparent clothing!

Working with Metals; how to color Gold tones, Aged Metal and Tin

Simple and fun flowers

 Cloudy backgrounds; Blue skies and Gloomy skies

Simple and easy feathers and wings

Glow effects  

Coloring ringlets


Now don't tell me that doesn't look like loads of color fun!  

Upon purchase you will receive all your images via the store site within 24 hours ready for download.  The coloring booklet will then be mailed out with to you shrink wrapped and ready for your to put together and start coloring!  With your coloring guide booklet you will also receive a page containing access information to the videos.

Grab yours today before the introductory price is the Summer! There will be a limited amount of booklets at the introductory price, the price of $55 will then change to the normal price of $155.00, so grab yours at this insane deal of $55!!

Grab it from here: Coloring Guide Booklet

Or grab the print it yourself version here: Coloring Guide also on sale at the moment for $95.00!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sept Fan Page sweet it is

Are you ready for a new and Awesome Fan page Challenge? 
Well First we have to announce the Winner from the Last Fan Page Challenge

Winner by votes is:... Holly Hughes!!

Remember, if you did ALL 4 images you will received your $8 credit to go toward the new Fan Page Challenge images.  Please note the $8 is only good toward fan page challenge images as stated in July's challenge as part of the rules if you participated in all 4 challenges using all 4 images.  It did not guarantee a prize, nor was the credit meant for anything in the store site.  I will be WATCHING...don't make me fly out to you and getcha ;)!  If you happen to be a winner, you will get your credit for using all 4 images the next month as you are already getting all 6 images free this month and there is no need for you to purchase them this month :) cause you know, you're the winner.

Basically, you will get back what you spent on the 4 images in July, does that make it clear?  :)
If you are in any program or have purchased and sale packs that include these images you should have already received them, your credit for the July images purchase of $8 will be sent to you the next month as you can only use that credit toward Fan page challenge images that you must purchase.  Hope that one made sense too.

YOU MUST CONTACT BETTY AT SIMPLYB10 (at) AOL (dot)  COM to get your discount code for the $8 you spent on last months images!  Again, this is if you used ALL 4 images and PURCHASED all 4 images (prizes, discounts, or the like do not qualify for the credit) It will not be sent out automatically as she doesn't have ALL emails addresses available.  You will only have until Sept. 29th to claim your $8 credit as Betty will be on vacation for two weeks after that.  No exceptions no excuses sorry.

So now let's get on with the show!  Betty as drawn up some fun images again for our fan page challenge!  They are just SWEET!  Let's meet them all..

First we have Peppermint Queen Betty and Princess Cupcake Rio


Next, Cherry Cordial Queen Corinne and Bettina Buttercup  

Finally, but certainly no least!  Bon Bon Melissa and Princess Gum Drop Cynthia

Find them here:

Sweet ladies: Digi
Sweet ladies: Rubber

You know you love them!  Ok let's get down to challenge business!

A new year of Fan Page Challenge images is already in the works!  With it we need you in digi form!  So use all 6 images and you could be our next Digi you guest!  We are starting to fill spots for the new year!  By using all 6 images you could win the January spot of Digi you for the Fan page challenge!  This means you would get yourself made up into a digi in the January theme, and get Betty's and Corinne's images FREE!  You will be our featured guest for January and be part of the release party/challenge date!  You know you want to be digitized and Bettyfied!  Grab those Sweet ladies and get to work!

Next prize,  by popular votes the winner will receive October's Fan page challenge images free should you be voted the winner by our friends and fans with the voting system!

Are you ready to get started?  Or course you are let's see what the challenges are for each image!

Peppermint Queen Betty
Color Combo: brown, red, and white

Princess Cupcake Rio use a bow

Queen Cherry Cordial Corinne use ribbon or lace

Princess Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Bettina use either dies or punches  

BonBon Melissa use any kind of embossing  

Queen Gumdrop Cynthia use liquid pearls

Are those fun or what?  Remember you must use each challenge guideline for each image.
Challenge ends on October 16th and voting begins.  Voting ends on the 19th and a new fan page challenge begins on the 21st!  Good luck, have yourselves some SUH-weet fun!

Now let's see what our DT and invited guests with their Digi selves have come up with to inspire you!

DT projects


Bettina Buttercup

 Bon Bon Melissa

 Cherry Cordial Corinne

 Princess Cupcake Rio

 Princess Gumdrop Cynthia

Peppermint Queen Betty




Lisa H

and our guests