Thursday, November 8, 2012

Preview Day 3, Norse Gods

 Day 3!!!  Whoop just one more preview day and then tonight at Midnight you can have the last preview here on the blog and head straight to the SBS store!  Whoop!

Today we have two of my favorites..

Rio as Hel was one of Loki's own daughters, and was sent to overlook the realm of the dead by Odin. Like Hades of Greek mythology, she not is not inherently evil, merely overseeing a domain that no other would want to do. Her gloomy nature and half dead/healf alive in appearance did not do much to dispel that though. Also like Hades, no one ever left Hel's domain once they got in, not even the beloved Baldur.

Lola as Sif is the Norse Goddess of the grain, who is a prophetess, and the beautiful golden-haired wife of Thor.   Sif is of the elder race of Gods or Aesir. She is a swan-maiden, like the Valkyries, and can take that form.

Let's see what out DT has done for you 

HUGE thank you to our GDT for this release Regan!


Corinne said...

two more FANTASTIC images Betty, you just AMAZE ME!!!

Carol said...

Two more fabulous images! Love this release, can't wait to see more!