Friday, November 9, 2012

Release Day, NORSE GODS

Okay you ready to see the last two images in the Norse Gods?  

Let's get a little background on our Gods for today...

Betty Frigga

Betty as Frigga, the wife of Odin and the Matriarch of the Norse pantheon. She is the only one allowed to sit in Odin's throne. She is the epitomy of motherhood and fertility, and the goddess that mothers turned to. The attempts to prevent from Baldur from ever being hurt and failing could've explained the winter as she was mourning. There are many parallels to famous Greek stories, like the death of the almost impervious Achilles, and also the Demeter's mourning of Persephone. In some stories she is portrayed with loose morals, sometimes sleeping around with Odin's brothers. Even further yet, she is sometimes viewed as the same woman as Freya, though that is in dispute.
Chris Odin

Chris as Odin King of the Norse gods , god of poetry, battle and death. Chief god of the Aesir. Also known as the “all-father”, the “terrible one”, “one-eyed” and “father of battle”.

Please check out all the awesome projects our DT members have done with the last two!  WHOOHOO Last TWO that means you can now grab them all!!


Corinne said...

Another FANTASTIC release Betty, these images are AMAZING!!!

Caleb Petroski said...

Very cool.

Carol said...

Love them both! Fabulous release!!!