Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SBS Giveaway #4!

What could I possibly do to top off our past Giveaways... let's see we had a 25th Anniversary Set, A whole Year of FREE Bettys, a whole Year of FREE Teens, so what could be better than any of those?

How about a Whole year of FREE everything SBS!  Whut?  YUP... Every single new digi line for all of 2013 starting with January 4ths releases!  WOW now don't tell me you wouldn't want to win that!!  Once again, all new lines free...Teens, Bettys, Judes, Steampunks, and a few up my sleeve to come!

But wait....we can't forget the Rubber lovers right?  So for all you Rubber lovers what if you could get all FULL SHEETS for the entire 2013!  That means that what ever line is produced into Rubber you get it shipped out to you FREE each time we have a new line in RUBBER!  WHOOHOOO!!!!  Once again, all new lines made into rubber free...Teens, Bettys, Judes, Steampunks, and a few up my sleeve to come!

Big prizes, big fun!  So what is it you have to do to qualify?  It's simple, starting today December 19th thru Sunday December 23rd. your purchase of $25 will qualify you for a ticket for every $5 in your order.  The minimum required to qualify for tickets is $25, but that means that you would get 5 tickets to be raffled for the giveaway!

**NO EXCEPTIONS, not valid on purchases made before 12/19, the $25 mminimum must be met BEFORE shipping costs if applicable on actual items that will be shipping.** All orders when received get their tickets accordingly with the person's name on it and put in a pail for that giveaway until the drawing date of 12/24**

If you have made a purchase today (12/19/12 does not apply to past purchases before 12/19/12) already, not to worry the tickets have already been added in your name accordingly into the Giveaway #4 bucket!  Whoop whooop!! A winner will be chosen Dec.

Don't forget about our awesome current sale on rubber!
Whatcha doin' still readin'?  Go on and start shopping and get that pile of tickets going!!


John David said...
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John David said...

That's really a nice offer for rubber stamps. Different cartoons or comic pictures are embedded in the rubber stamps and used for various craft works such as postcards, greetings,etc.These stamps are used to decorate in an ironic way.