Friday, February 1, 2013

Teen Scene Release day!!

It's finally here!  Release Day!

What do we have exactly for you?  
One Mystical, Magical and totally Mythically Rocking Teen Scene Release!

Please meet our New Mythical Teens!!!

From our first snipet our first three images...

Betty Fawn Queen, dancing to her King's Flute!  Is she not awesome!!??

Here's her snipet

Chris Fawn King, playing his queen a lovely tune with his magical flute!  I can just hear that flute go and makes me want to dance myself!

and the snipet for Christ Fawn King that we shared with you this week

Jude Fawn Prince, ready with a special bouquet just for you!

Jude's snipet

Christian Merboy...didn't I tell you he was NOT of this WORLD?  You didn't think he was an Alien or anything like that did you?

the snipet for Christian Merboy

Rio Siren, those eyes!  Those EYES!  Just ready to mesmerize any sailor at sea!

the snipet of THOSE EYES! lol

Lola Fairy, with her beautiful Purple locks, dancing in the air without a care!

Lola's snipet

Miller Fairy Boy, also ready to dance around and hang around in the air and spread good cheer!

and his boyish eyes snipet

Finally, but certainly not least we have our London Nymph, she loves sneaking around gardens picking flowers all day long!  I bet she'll make a lovely PICK for any of your projects!

London's snipet

All Mythical Teens are now ready for purchase!  They will be in digi form for 2 weeks only that means they will be gone from digi on February 14th at 11:59 EST and may or may not make it back into digi form later in the year, don't take any chances!  

Available in rubber while supplies last and they will not be made into rubber again once sold out!  

So what do you think?  Are these Magical?  Awesome?  What do you think!!!??  We are all dying to hear!  BUT!  Before you leave, please grab yourself a warm cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee and hop on over to my gal's blogs please!  They have prepared a WONDERFUL post showing off all their projects with these gorgeous images for you!  


Corinne said...

Betty you have OUTDONE yourself once again!! AWESOME images!!

Rachel said...

Ditto what Corinne just said and these cards are so magical themselves.
<3 Rachel

Tress said...

These are amazing! Cannot wait to add a few to my collection!

faithnme said...

ohh Betty I just LOVE these.. wow, can't wait til payday to pick up a few.

Gorgeous creations and projects.. One more Gorgeous than the other