Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Solo Tuesday...whoohoo

Well not too SOLO right?

I have a new one for you all today...she is a CUTIE!

Jail Bird Betty!  Watching Chicago, again, I thought I need my own Jail Bird!  SO in my world, my jail bird girl is cute, and sassy!  Not those boring monkey outfits they have to wear but a cut and fun outfit.  Of course the hair too would be all done up and gorgeous!  Well, this jail bird could actually be used for something much more fun and cute...like a Wedding card, or an anniversary card right?  Or a thank you note for a friend that's "bailed" you out of something...not some place hahahaha!

Now don't forget, I have an exceptionally great price going on for the rest of the year worth of Solos...this does not include Commissions, but I put out many solos...this week alone I am going to be putting out two more, then next Tuesday yet another one or two!

Since I put up more and more each time, the bundled price will go up each week.  However for this week a value price has been set and you can read about it and grab your bundle here: SOLOS

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Trina said...

Her big curly hair makes me feel like I need this stamp! One question, the image on the solos page has a price of $75, but the price above the button to add the bundle to the cart is $100. What's the price?