Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Preparing for The 13 days of Halloween...Secret Release #2

Goooooood Morning SBS fans!  Remember me saying something BIG and FUN is coming?  Well we are about to kick it off with a SECOND Secret release with a purpose to our madness!

Here's a little sneak peek of  Secret Release #2 

You all remember our 13 days of Halloween right?  Well this year we will be adding a little twist to this fun event!  

We are looking for 13 contestants, to participate in the RUN FOR THE PRINCESS OF HALLOWEEN Contest!  

What's that you say? WELL let me tell ya!  

We are looking for 13 contestants to compete for 6 months worth of FREE SBS images in 2015!  This means that from January 2015 through June 2015 everything...EVERYTHING; New lines, Solos, Tuesday Solos, color guide images, and pretty much everything I put out during those 6 months is yours FREE!  Your cards or projects made with any of those free images given to you will be featured on our blog and on our sites!  You will be offered the opportunity to be our GUEST DESIGNER for each release (full line releases only) as well, it is not required but you will have the option.  You can't pass that up right?

Prize #2 for the 13 contestants chosen: A Halloween Digi of yourself!  You get to pick your costume and pose!  I will draw it up and make it into a digi for everyone else to be able to purchase.  All 13 contestants will get one another's image free as well.  Kind of like 13 free commissions!  Whoop Whoop!

These 13 contestants will be competing against not only each other for the big Prize but with the rest of the crafty world during our 13 days of Halloween for other prizes.  The difference?  The 13 contestants will be featured every day on our blog and fan page sites with their challenge pieces!   

Each day of the 13 days of Halloween we will also have smaller prizes and the challenges will be opened to everyone else wanting to join in for the prizes given during the 13 challenges.  

Here's another big advantage!  The 13 contestants will get a very big advantage!  Sept. 1st all the challenges and dates will be emailed to the contestants, this means you will have information that no one else will have until the challenges are posted!  You can get ahead of yourself and start working on  your challenges before everyone else and win those prizes as well, while you are competing for the Huge Princess of Halloween prize which is the 6 months of FREE SBS images!  

A badge, and blog header or Facebook banner will be made for you as well to let everyone know you are participating in this and are a contestant for the Run for The Princess of Halloween!

With all that said here is how to enter:

1. You MUST use one image from our secret release found here: Secret Release #2 and please keep this secret and of course no sharing of digis policy applies (yes I have to throw a reminder due to some recent sharing :( so sad).  The secret release will be available for only 2 days Wednesday 7/30/2014 and Thursday 7/31/2014.  

2. Email your projects to to be considered to be one of the 13 Princess of Halloween contestants by August 25th.  Winners will all be announced Sept. 1st and assignments will be sent out.  VERY IMPORTANT: Getting assignments does not mean you will get images to participate with, you will still have to follow the same challenge guidelines as everyone else. Your advantage is that you are getting the information one month in advance where the rest of the crafty world will get the information as it is posted during each of the 13 days of Halloween.  You must keep it all under wraps as well and not share any information on the challenges with anyone.  

3. There must be at least 26 entries to choose 13 contestants.  If only 13 enter we will honor it by choosing 6 contestants from 13 entries.  WE cannot do this if we have less than 13 contestants please spread the word and get your friends to participate in this fun event!!

If chosen:

1. You are required to complete all 13 challenges for all 13 days of Halloween.  Again, you are being given an advantage by having all the information on all 13 Challenge a full month in advance.

2. A picture of yourself is required for our Run for the Princess of Halloween Gallery!

3. You will be required to submit your projects for each challenge at least 24 hours in advance before the challenge goes live.  Again, you have the advantage to work ahead with all information given to you Sept. 1st!  The reason for this is to feature your project along with our DT member of the day during all 13 days.  You will be featured all 13 days on the blog!  This will give everyone a chance to see  your projects.

The more you enter the better your chances!!  Don't limit yourself to just one image, merge a few, get crazy!!  This is a BIG prize you are competing for let's see your BIGGEST projects ever!  

Winner will be announced November 10th (my big 4-0 Birthday whoop)

The 13 days of Halloween start on October 1st!  There will be as mentioned 13 days spread out through the month of October.  Some days you will have 3 days to work on your projects some just two or one before the next challenge goes up!

For those not chosen and those not wanting to enter into this contest...

Yes you will be able to compete on all 13 days during the 13 days of Halloween as you wish.  You will not be eligible for the big prize, but you will be eligible to participate for the prized given on each of the 13 days of Halloween.

Well what are you waiting for get your secret release and get to entering!!!  


Lucy Gregg said...

That sounds AMAZING!!!! No wonder you were excited!

Jacki Randolph said...

Sounds like fun fun fun!! :)

Serena Bee said...

i just found your digi stamps and i am in love!! i love how there's so many halloween and creepy vote images!! i am so sad i missed out on this opportunity, i would have loved to join in. can't wait for 13 days of halloween to start!